Monday, 7 August 2017

Week 3: Screencastify

Did you know that you can embed a screencastify into your blog?

Here is an example of screencastify that has been embedded into this blog post. Thank you to Nathaniel for letting us use his screencastify. We would also like to acknowledge the NZ artist our class has been named after - Mr Warren Pohatu. He is the amazing artist that created the shark picture in the background.

We also want to acknowledge Mark Maddren for his positive, thoughtful, helpful blog comment. We were all stoked to learn how to embed a screencastify into our blog. Thank you Mark.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Week 2: Teaching the juniors in Bishop Class

Ola bloggers and welcome back to week two!

Today my class and I worked alongside Bishop class (Year 2/3) as part of a Tuakana/Teina session.

Tuakana means older once that in charge and Teina means the younger once that listen to the older once.

First, we discussed how to be effective Tuakana. I learned that I have to teach the Teina to understand what they are doing. I can do this by talking more so that they can understand better.

The biggest challenge I came across was moving the blocks because I have to tell them where to put it and sometimes they got confused.

Next week I am looking forward to playing the film to see if it's good or great.

This is Dani signing out :-)