Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Week 9: Basketball tip

Genete practising her follow through
Sela using her eyes and elbows to shoot 
This week we practiced our BEEF skills. BEEF stands for

B - balance
E - eyes
E - elbows
F - follow through

This helps us remember the essential skills to using the correct technique for a basketball shot at goal. I hope this tip helps you develop your own basketball skills.


  1. Hi Pohatu Class,
    I am Fenix from Rata Class.
    I loved this because of the word B.E.E.F
    It looks funny.
    This part gave me a memory of when we were Walking, jogging and running.
    Next time, you could add a video on this post.
    See ya later!

  2. Hi my name is Kay-lee I am in Gilberthorpe school WOW! Thank you for lifting the skills of the people that don't know how to play netball put a video in next time instead I love your BEEF skills B.balance
    E.eyes E.elbows F.follow through .

  3. Hi Pohatu Class.

    I am Dion from Rata Class.I loved this part because of the word BEEF.
    It looks funny.I like it!!

    This part gave me a memory of when we were walking,jogging and running.


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